Data Drum's mission is to bring together the world's data in an automated, clean and elegant manner. Never is this more necessary than during crises. Indeed, it was during a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that Data Drum was born.

Here, you'll find the latest figures on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Data comes in automatically from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, who update their global dataset every day.

The data is available across Data Drum's desktop site (where you can also download raw data in Excel, CSV, JSON and XML), mobile app (iOS, Android) and through the API (token="covid19"; all indicators).

Cumulative Confirmed Cases

Cumulative Confirmed Deaths

Daily Percentage Change in Cumulative Confirmed Cases

Daily Percentage Change in Cumulative Confirmed Deaths


Please do remember that not every case of COVID-19 or every death from it will be registered and therefore available through any dataset. This is because not everybody globally is tested. We can only know the results of those tests that have been carried out. This is a major limitation that is impossible to overcome.

Other Sources and Further Reading

The European CDC is not the only organization collecting data. You can find more from the World Health Organization's daily Situation Reports, Johns Hopkins University and a host of national government sources.

Other organizations are also collating the data and presenting it with more information. The most notable of these is Our World In Data.