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Data Drum offers automated, clean and elegant data to explain the world. We’re innovating at the intersection of data science, journalism and finance.

Our principles: Public data should be accessible to the public. No one should have to waste time doing what can be done by good code.

Central banks and government statistics agencies obfuscate what should be transparent data in a myriad of formats, structures and languages. Citizens don’t even bother to look at the data and rely on reporters and those with their own agendas to get the facts. Professionals waste hours every day parsing archaic websites, jumbled PDFs and unclear spreadsheets in order to incorporate what they find into their own workflows.

Data Drum automates everything and so sweeps away those mind-numbing and time-sapping tasks. We present the world’s data with style and structure.

The intuitive website and mobile apps allow quick viewing and downloading of live figures alongside elegant visualizations and informative text. The Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets add-ins put live data straight into spreadsheets. Advanced users can also pull straight from the API.

Data Drum has already appeared in or been cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CBC, Miami Herald, Times of London and JPMorgan—and received standalone press coverage from others for shining a light on Venezuela’s economic crisis.

Data Drum, Inc., is a Delaware-registered C corporation. It is owned by founder and CEO Girish Gupta, who had no interest in economics before arriving in Venezuela as a foreign correspondent nearly a decade ago. Girish wanted to understand the crisis from first principles so wrote the first lines of code for Data Drum. He now leads a team of developers, economists and regional experts.

Any questions? Send us an email at support@datadrum.com or use the chat function to the bottom-right.

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