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Data Drum is a new platform offering clean and automated macroeconomic and social data to help explain the world to everyone from fund managers to people on the street. Our code continuously scours the world’s data and presents it with style and structure before anyone else.

Central banks and government statistics agencies obfuscate what should be transparent data in a myriad of formats, structures and languages. People waste hours every day parsing archaic websites, jumbled PDFs and unclear spreadsheets in order to incorporate what they find into their own workflows.

Data Drum sweeps away those mind-numbing and time-sapping tasks. Users are alerted to anything they’re interested in and the relevant data will immediately appear in their workflow.

The intuitive website and mobile apps allow quick viewing and downloading of live figures alongside elegant visualizations and informative text. The Excel add-in puts live data straight into spreadsheets. Users can also pull straight from the API.

Our data is granular and comes straight from primary sources. Unlike competitors, we do not bulk up our databases with IMF figures. We do our own calculations and cross-reference them to ensure no errors. We link directly to sources, provide their methodology and even give users access to a library of cached source documents. Our interface is far cleaner and easier to use than any rival’s. Given that all our data acquisition is automated, we are far, far faster than competitors.

Data Drum has appeared in or been cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CBC, Miami Herald, Times of London and JPMorgan—and received standalone press coverage from others for shining a light on the economic disaster in Venezuela.

Data Drum, Inc., is a Delaware-registered C corporation owned by founder and CEO Girish Gupta, a physicist and foreign correspondent who has worked in some of the world’s toughest environments as a freelancer and a Senior Correspondent at Reuters.

Any questions? Send us an email at support@datadrum.com or use the chat function to the bottom-right.

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