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Data Drum is a new platform offering automated live graphics, news stories and APIs to help explain the world to everyone from curious citizens to academics, analysts and investors. Our code continuously scours the world’s data, cleans it and presents it with style and structure. On top of that, the whole thing is automated, making it fast and error-free.

People all over the world waste hours every day reformatting spreadsheets, merging datasets and seeking out specific figures. With Data Drum, they can download data in the format they want alongside elegant visualizations and informative text. This will be attractive to people from all walks of life — not just those in finance.

Competitors, meanwhile, offer expensive, clunky interfaces with lagging, esoteric data that is often inputted manually and irrelevant to the territory they are focusing on. Clients big and small have expressed interest in Data Drum and thousands already use it. The initial Venezuela product has appeared or been cited by the New York Times, BBC, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Times of London and JPMorgan—and also received standalone press coverage from other outlets for shining a light on Venezuela’s disaster.

Data Drum, Inc., is now a Delaware-registered C corporation. It is fully owned by founder and CEO Girish Gupta, a former physicist and foreign correspondent who developed the platform while based in Venezuela, one of the world’s toughest reporting environments. He undertook groundbreaking investigations and covered the crisis there for the world’s biggest news outlets while at the same time digging into the data to understand why the country was suffering so badly.

In doing so, Girish noticed how little people understood about what their government was doing and how bad news and data outlets were at collecting reliable figures to show what was going on. He wrote code to do exactly that and display it with speed, style and structure. His website and apps are used by some 15,000 people from those on the street and local business owners to politicians and investors. That platform is now expanding globally into Data Drum.


Girish Gupta
Physics graduate and former reporter who worked all over Latin America and the Middle East from a base in Venezuela. He undertook major investigations and covered the crisis there for the world’s biggest news outlets while also digging into the data and writing the first lines of code for what was to become Data Drum.

Luis Pedraza
Lead Developer
Philosophy and computer science graduate based in New York. Has developed software for his alma mater, the University of Texas, and worked as a data journalist with the Austin Monitor. In his free time, tutored college students in logic, philosophy and programming.

Daniel Urdaneta
Lead Ecoomist
Economist and financial analyst currently based in Santiago. Has worked in Venezuela’s financial sector serving in trading, research and financial analysis roles for buy-side, sell-side and government institutions. Currently studying towards a postgraduate economics degree.

Lucinda Elliott
Head of Latin America
São Paulo-based journalist focusing on South American politics, business and economics for various news outlets including the Financial Times and Times of London. Graduate in Portuguese and Spanish and studied journalism in Brazil.

Carolyn Thompson
Head of Africa
Nairobi-based data journalist covering human rights abuses, conflict, refugees and corruption in East Africa. Former reporter and journalism trainer in South Sudan, Ghana, Kenya and Canada. Holds a Master’s in journalism and degree in French and Mediterranean Studies.

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